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The Wilderness Lodge is strongly committed to the environment and to leaving the lightest footprint in the pristine wilderness we are fortunate to be stewards of. We encourage all of our guests to join us in implementing sustainable practices while staying at The Wilderness Lodge. Here are some of the practices we are proud to have implemented - including eliminating the use of plastics to the greatest extent possible - and how you can help!


Recycling and Reusing

Why recycle? When you transform something old into something new, it benefits the environment in a number of ways. Materials and natural resources are conserved, energy is saved during manufacturing processes, less waste is going into landfills, and recycling helps keep wildlife safe. It also create well-paying jobs. The Wilderness Lodge's history and ethos is based on transforming something old into something new! We now have recycling bins in all of our cabins, as well as near the dumpster for your convenience. Itasca county separates glass from paper and plastics #1, #2, #4 & #5. Plastic drinking cups are not recyclable, so paper, glass, metal or compostable cups (and plates and utensils) are preferred onsite! Click here for more information on Itasca County' s recycling program, and here for further guidance.



It's estimated that 40% of all food produced in the USA is wasted every year. Composting keeps food waste out of our landfills, and keeps bears out of our dumpster too! We encourage our guests to consume the food they bring to The Wilderness Lodge, and compost any leftovers in the composting bins provided on each cabin countertop. Since we are in a wilderness location, we utilize hot composting, meaning even eggs, cheese, meat products and bones can be composted! Please let us know if your composting bin needs emptying during your stay. Any unused/unopened food you wish to leave behind will be donated to our local food bank in Bigfork to help feed the hungry.

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Making the Switch

Plastic waste is threatening oceans and rivers all over the world. It’s killing animals, and making its way into the foods we humans consume. It’s surprisingly easy to make small changes that create less plastic pollution! The Wilderness Lodge has made the switch from plastics to sustainable and biodegradable products wherever possible: we no longer use plastic laundry jugs, switching to detergents with biodegradable packaging; we purchase only biodegradable trash bags; our decorative soap containers are refilled from glass or metal containers; and we use cleaning product concentrates that can be mixed and utilized in glass spray bottles. Help us in our commitment to Making the Switch by bringing biodegradable or compostable disposable items, including trash bags, which can be found in many stores or online.

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