What's up with this Funky Fireplace?

I had just settled into one of the Wilderness Lodge's comfortable game room wing-back chairs, getting ready to enjoy a new book, when I noticed something odd about the fireplace that was before of me. At first I thought it was an extra piece of furniture, but the more I looked, I realized it was something more.


Underneath the jar on the opposite side of the fireplace, there was... a Stump? An extra stone block that protruded out of the fireplace itself. It wasn't a block that was resting in front of the fireplace, but it was there and built right into the fireplace.


What is going on here? I thought that was the end of the mystery,until I took a step back to get a bigger perspective. That is when I saw something else strange in this scenario.


Right there above the stump, in the stone work of the wall, was what looked like a stone Christmas tree. Do you see it?


So as with every hidden treasure at the Wilderness Lodge, I called Sue Palavic, the owner and ask her, whats up with this Christmas Tree and Stumpy fireplace? She then goes on to tell me the story, that the original Lodge builders, the Beckers, built the stump into the fireplace for their youngest daughter to sit close to fire and warm herself. The father placed the Christmas tree stone work into the fireplace to mark her special place.

Huh, isn't that something? One never knows what they are going to find at the Wilderness Lodge. The rich history of over 100 years has left hidden secrets around every corner. Maybe you might find something new when you visit.

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