A cup of coffee and a light breakfast later, I decide to make my way out to Turtle Lake to enjoy some reading with the spectacular view as my backdrop. As I walk out the kitchen door, and as I'm admiring the majestic scenery around me, my eyes suddenly drift down to something odd hinting on the side of the retaining wall.

At first, I thought I was imagining it, but then as I look closer,I realize there was actually something in the wall, slightly covered in moss. After I convince myself, that I am not seeing things, I go over and clear the moss away from the area, and there they are...

Four pennies, encrusted into the retaining wall. I'm not crazy, they are actually there. So immediately I seek out the Lodge owner, Sue Palavics and ask about this little hidden treasure in the rough.

Sue goes on to explain, that when she first bought the place, the four pennies were encrusted into some stone work on the ground outside the kitchen. They were placed there by the original lodge builder, whom had placed a penny from the year that each of his four daughter's was born.

When Sue renovated the stone work, and built the retaining wall, she saved the original four pennies in memory of those original builder's daughters, but then she added six more as a token to her own children.

This is just one of the many hidden historical treasures found at The Wilderness Lodge. I haven't found the additional six pennies yet, but maybe when you visit the lodge, you might have better eye than me to find them.

FOLLOW UP BY SUE PALAVICS: The original pennies are dated 1928, 1929, 1930, and 1934. As Brook said they were placed in the small stone walkway in fron of the kitchen door by Irv Becker, the original resort owner and the man who built the Lodge and guest cabins.

There are more hidden treasures and fabulous stories to accompany them in this beautiful historic old estate.

I will share a few in future posts!

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Wilderness Lodge 

51760 Becker Road, Bigfork, MN 56628


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